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Investment and Participation in investment چاپ ارسال به دوست
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Investment and Participation in investment

Our Career is Carpet Trading in Iran . We accept the asset of investors who want to participate with us , based
on following description and obligations for    of contract

The benefit from your investment is about 18% and 9% of it is belonged to investor ( your share ) which is the half of all of interest

Since you are our Participant in this investment , you ( investor ) are participant  in loss and detriment Too . If the interest resulting from this investment becomes more or less than 18%  , you are Participant Too

You can receive the interest of investment per Six months

In order to investing and participation , you can Squire and settle your sum To Iran Melli Bank - Kashan bazzar branch code 2912

Comprehensive -Siba- account number    0104646925001    in name of Mashaallah Shaterian Bidgoli

Our address : Iran , Kashan , Taleqani street , Shafayi alley - plaque number 30 , postal code 87156-46684  Tell : 00983614469466   Mobile phone : 00989132627630

If you want to participate and settle the sum , please send your Complete address and the copy of settlement strap to our above address or you can mail an scan of settlement strap and your address to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it    in order to sending you the contract of Participation

the settlement of any sum to our account number means your participation with us in this business and means your acceptance about the contrat above mentioned

we hope the success in this participation

Thanks a lot

webmaster of kashan carpet
Mashaallah Shaterian


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